Reasons to Run

Top Reasons to Run

People ask about running all the time, but the most pertinent question I get is why. Most of the time, it is phrased in a manner such as “what is wrong with you that you like running so much?”

Well, every person has their own reasons and they vary as much as the weather, but for me running is religion.

Running gives me a sense of peace that I dont find anywhere else. The daily jogs through my neighborhood allow me to see the world in slow motion.

I also often find that I do my best thinking when I am alone on the run. I guess you could say it is meditation. However, this probably isnt the case for all runners and so well talk about many of the benefits of running and some of the top reasons to run.

  • Running can help you lose weight and keep it off.  Running burns hundreds of calories and on an hour run you can burn upwords of 1,000 calories. Even at a slow pace, runners will see a positive impact very quickly.
  • Running builds a healthy cardiovascular system.  Are you tired of getting winded just bringing in the groceries or walking up a flight of stairs?  Running can really improve your lung capacity, breathing, and oxygen distribution.
  • Running builds a healthy heart.  Some people say that your heart only has so many beats, so why shorten your life by running? This is rubbish and it is proven that running can help you live longer by strengthening your cardiovascular system.  This includes a slower heart rate (helping your heart live longer), improved bloodflow, and less toxicity in the body.
  • Running strengthens bones and muscles.  This one really makes a difference in how you feel.   Your bone density improves and your muscles grow and harden, giving you a confident and strong posture.  Studies have shown that running actually improves joints over time as well.  Who doesnt want a stronger body?
  • Running is great for the mind and fuels the competitive spirit.  Running is a solo sport for the most part, and youll find that your only competition is yourself.  Running teaches you how to move through adversity, control your body and mind, and push yourself harder than you would normally.  I have never felt this kind of exhileration anywhere else in life.  Runners high is part of it (it is free and legal!), but oddly enough by crossing running barriers youll find yourself crossing personal barriers too.
  • Running is a stepping stone to greater things.  Many of you have set goals to run and never followed through.  Arent you tired of setting goals and not achieving them?  Set out to run and stick to it and you will find running as a stepping stone to greater things.
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Running has many benefits and there are many more than I’ve listed here. There are so many reasons to run and these top reasons to run are just the start. It really is a lifechanger in more ways than one. Don’t let the fear of getting started stop you from seeing these benefits in your life. The key is like Nike says, “Just Do It.”